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Tie Like a Pro....

Tie Like a Pro is a video series dedicated to showcasing proper technique, tips, and tricks to help beginners and advanced tiers alike grow in their understanding and approach to tying flies. My aim with this series to take you from the very beginning of casting on thread all the way through some of the most technical techniques and advanced designs.
My hope is that by the end of this series each and every one of you will be excited by what you are able to create, and that it will give you more satisfaction on the water then you've ever experienced before. Take it from me, there is no better feeling than catching fish on a fly you tied....and better yet, one you designed! I hope you'll follow me on this journey and I look forward to seeing where you all end up!

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 1
Thread Basics

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 2
Articulating Flies

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 3
Working with Hackles

This is episode 1 of Tie Like a Pro! To start off this series we are taking a quick look into the basics of tying and thread control. Topics include proper hook placement,  casting on, thread base, thread tension, spinning threads, pinch/set/and lock wraps, and different threads used for streamer tying.
This is just a scratch on the surface on articulating flies and is intended to get you started on building your own platforms with proper spacing, hook selection, and proportionality. Episode 2 of Tie Like a Pro is all about the "how to" of articulating streamers. In this episode we go over hooks, spacing and beads, wire placement and types of wire, creating a vertical wire loop, and proportionality based on your reference point- the hook shank. We also discuss how and why articulated flies came to be and what problem they solved in predator fly fishing.
For the longest time I struggled with getting hackles to lay correctly, either for the tail or fins - my feathers would often twist away from the orientation I intended, or my feathers would twist when I'd go to palmer them - reversing the concavity....Episode 3 of Tie Like a Pro is all about working with hackles! In this episode we are going to look at differences in Saddle Hackle vs. Schlappen, tying in hackles vertically and horizontally to achieve desired affects, figure 8-ing hackle and the importance of controlling concavity for fly durability, as well as some minor differences in palmering materials from their base to tip/tip to base and its affect on fly silhouette and bulk.

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 4
Head Designs
Part 1 - Jerk Flies

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 4
Head Designs
Part 2 - Articulating Flies

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 4
Head Designs
Part 3 - Swim Bugs

Episode 4 of Tie Like a Pro starts off with an introduction to this 4 part episode where we'll be going over an array of streamer head designs
that impart/or are unique to a flies derived action. Part 1 showcases Jerk Flies and explores the 2 primary methods for developing a "profile
turn" action, as well as giving two tying examples for building a durable ultra thin "Jerk" head. Topics include hook selection for Jerk flies, physical characteristics and creating the vertical sail, and
momentum/viscosity principles.
Part 2 of Episode 4 is all about Articulating Flies! The Articulating Fly style is one of the most deadly and versatile styles in the modern streamer game and this episode is all about breaking down the physics of how and why they work. In this episode we explore Hook properties and considerations, attaching lead eyes and the purpose behind the weight, water push vs. water drag based on material selection and density, as well as 3 tying examples including Kelly Galloup's Sex Dungeon Head, a Stacked Dubbing Head, and a Strung Fuzzy Fiber Head.
Part 3 of Episode 4 is all about Swim Bug head design! This style of head is the weightless/buoyant counterpart to the Articulating Fly Style. This episode is focused on Deer Hair techniques and applications including Spinning and Stacking Deer Hair, shaping and cutting heads to create stability/belly wobble and profile as well as some considerations for bent-shank hook options. The primary focus for this tutorial is Kelly Galloup's Zoo Cougar head, with a second tutorial focused on a Mega size mudler head.

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 4
Head Designs
Part 4 - Jig Flies

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 5
The Infinite Fly Principle

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 6
Dynamic Dubbing Brushes
Part 1 - Pike/Musky

Ep. 4 part 4 is the final installment to our discussion on articulated streamer head designs. Although jig flies are a more strait forward
subject then most, this tutorial aims to showcase ways to hybridize jig flies into Jig/Jerk, Jig/Articulating, and Jig/Surf style actions with
specific examples showcasing FlymenFishingCo's Baitfish Heads, Fish Masks, and Sculpin Helmets. This episode also contains discussion on hook orientation with relation to engaging a predators "Fight or Flight" responses vs. an open water "Food" based presentation.
Episode 5 of Tie Like a Pro breaks down the construction of your modern articulated streamer. By understanding streamer construction, the 4
primary head designs, and the proportions outlined previously you will be able to radiate a single design to fill any and all needs on the water - tied in all styles, in any size, and matching any forage profile. Aside from this principle, we also discuss material substitutions, and the minimal materials needed to construct streamers
from trout to musky.
Dubbing brushes have become a mainstay in my tying and designing efforts! They offer endless creativity and create durable, lively, and easy to tie flies. Part 1 of Ep. 6  is all about building large scale dubbing brushes for tying Pike/Musky flies. In this episode I will highlight materials and a handful of material substitutions as well as showcase specific techniques for creating consistent brushes, bulk/wing length ratio and brush hydrodynamics, as well as creating tapered brushes through material density and material substitutions for both single and articulated predator flies.

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 7
Additional Resources and

Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 6
Dynamic Dubbing Brushes
Part 2 - Trout/Bass

In this final episode of Tie Like a Pro, I'd like to pass along what has been for me, some of the most inspirational and comprehensive resources on fly design. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but those that had the greatest influence and impact on my personal tying and fishing.
My love for dubbing brushes has for the most part been solely focused on Predator Fly design, but earlier this fall I had my first breakthrough in the Trout sized realm of dubbing brushes. Ep. 6 Part 2 is solely dedicated to my Composite Bugger Brush, which is the primary component in my Death Grip, and Mini Death Grip series of flies. This video highlights the brushes design and components and explains the techniques used to execute the brush consistently.