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About Brammer's Custom Flies

Hey guys - Gunnar here, I am the owner of Brammer's Custom Flies. I specialize in designing streamers for all predatory fish species, designed to accommodate very specific needs, and immitate specific forage.  Below each fly, you will find information as to the flies action, size, and recomended line wt and type. Some are very specific, while others are broad and general. If you have a specific need and question regarding a fly, please leave me a message in the "contact me" section, or give me a call - preferebly during a week day.

To be sure, these are not "Brammer's Commercial Flies", but rather "Custom Flies". I strive to tie each and every pattern to the best of my ability, no exception, no detail left out, and to the highest standards of durability.

To see available flies - To see available flies for purchase - head to Brammer's Custom Flies Facebook Page where flies will be posted every Monday at 5 pm, starting Sept. 2018 and all transactions proccessed through PayPal. 

Cheers everyone - I hope and look forward to working with each one of you and I am forever grateful for the continued support. Tight Lines and God Bless!